ReachView 3 update feedback


We’ve created a new update with a couple of bug fixes. Please make sure you have the very latest version installed.

Do not delete the app, as it will delete your projects as well. We’ll try our best to help you fix the app and get access to your data.

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Já realizei o download e deu tudo certo! Recuperei o projeto e já está atualizado com os 3 dispositivos e um único login! Obrigado!!!


In Android the latest update does not show me the solution while connected to a receiver.
In the IOS version it shows it correctly.

They can check what could be due.





It would also be very helpful to place the AGE and PDOP values ​​in the status bar.

I know that with a click on the bar it shows me the status summary.

But if you show those additional values ​​in the status bar it would be very helpful.


Great to know! Looking forward to your feedback!

Já realizei o download e deu tudo certo! Recuperei o projeto e já está atualizado com os 3 dispositivos e um único login! Obrigado!!!

“I already downloaded it and it worked! I recovered the project and it is already updated with 3 devices and a single login! Thanks!!!”

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Fixed in version 7.1

thanks team


Hi, I just updated our fieldwork tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3) to Android 12 and since then Reach View 3 is constantly crashing at startup. To empty the cache wasn’t successfull. I have installed the latest version from the Android App Store (7.1). Do you have any advise how to recover the app and data? Best regards

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Hi Julian,

With the new update, all of the connection and start-up issues should be resolved :slight_smile:

If you just updated the app via the App Store, the data should be on the app. If you reinstalled the app, there’s no way to get the data back. If the data sync was enabled prior to the reinstallation, try accessing your Emlid Account and getting the data from there.

Hi Polina, thanks for the fast reply. I did not reinstall the App to keep the data, but with the newest version from the App Store it is still constantly closing again after start. Device reboots etc. didn’t help neither. It looks like the app stays active and just minimizes, but its impossible to open it. Is there any way to back up the data?

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Hi Julian,

Okay, I see. Let me quickly check this with the devs. Please don’t reinstall the app now, otherwise, the data will be lost.


Hi Julian,

Just a quick question: did you have a chance to work with the previous version ReachView 3 7.0? Did you notice the issue with 7.1 only?

Hi Polina, actually I did the update after a longer field campaign and I don’t know which one was the previous version. Bests, Julian

Got you, Julian! I’ll be back with the news shortly.

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Hi there,

I’m coming back with good news! We’ve released ReachView 3 7.2 update that should resolve the issue you’ve faced. Just go to Google Play and update the app manually there if the updates are not automatically downloaded for you.

Please let us know if it works for you.

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I just saw that an hour ago via the Apple store! That’s great! Thank you.

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