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"Update Rate" explanation please?

(Timd1971) #21

You can select whatever baud or (bps) each side of the connection supports, just as long as the settings MATCH. Obviously the higher the bitrate the faster, but seems for this type of communication, probably over kill, as just using 9600 or even lower works just fine. Now if the system was transferring large files such as images or video files, then the absolute highest rate obviously the best. But you already know all this! ; )

(Timd1971) #22


Sucks you have to purchase and learn yet another survey package but I personally really like FG. It will take some getting used to at first, but it really is a great package… I feel one of the best.

Sorry you couldn’t figure what the problem was with Magnet?

(Brent Wiebe) #23

@chascoadmin Would you mind sharing the connection instructions for reach RS + to FC-500?
I always put experiments off cuz I dread that hassle. If you help me with the port and Bluetooth settings I’ll work on the magnet settings.

(Michael Lambert) #24

No worries, I’m testing for the company so if I want to put this in the field for the superintendent’s then it has to be fairly easy and bulletproof. Being that magnet was not designed to work with these types of receivers it would have always been a Band-Aid. I’ve used Carlson, Leica, Trimble and now Topcon in my 20 years so it shouldn’t be bad. I know I’ve got good peeps to help.

(Michael Lambert) #25

Nothing special to it. It’s just the last bit that doesn’t seem to communicate correctly. Just a normal bluetooth connection. No extra port settings required.

I’m inside.

Shows other SATs in the skyplot, but not using them.

I can shoot right now, but when it fixes it waits. Maybe something to do with what Topcon is receiving from Emlid that it doesn’t understand…

Topcon Magnet Field Issues
(Timd1971) #26

Were you ever able to try a different form of connection other than Bluetooth to see if it solved your problem in Magnet?

I.e. the external serial cable from Emlid (to COM1) or even easier a micro USB cable to connect the RS+ to a windows PC / tablet? (USB to PC in ReachView)(you’ll have to drill down in Device Manager to see which COM port).

You may also have to see which COM port was assigned in Device Manager for Bluetooth also? (May have to do this FieldGenius also as I couldnt get typical Bluetooth to connect, seemed to create a COM port to go through instead).

(Michael Lambert) #27

I was going to try the serial, but wasn’t sure if my Topcon cable was pinned correctly. Didn’t even think about connecting it to Windows 10. It’s a side project now as FG is going to ride shotgun for a bit.

(Timd1971) #28

also, I noticed your Bluetooth connection shows ONLY (Audio), I think it also needs “Serial Port” connection along with “Wireless Stereo” (Audio) connection in Bluetooth connection. I know it does with my Trimble Nomad 900G (Windows Mobile 6.1) data collector which is somewhat similar.


Just looking at the configuration you can use in Magnet, (and looking at other options in Magnet) you will never get a fixed solution in the Topcon environment (when using SBAS/DGPS Magnet will not correct your ambiguities). However, if you setup your base and rover in Emlid Reach, you will (in theory) broadcast a fixed solution? (NEMA String) into Magnet. There is no way Magnet will know you are fixed, but the average of the shots you take in the field should be fixed solutions (once again, if you have a fixed solution in Emlid Reach app). You might need to take a couple of shots with Magnet (10 epochs at least) and then, use the stake out routine to see how close you are to them. Also in Magnet you can just look at your coordinates in the status screen. Look in there and see how your coordinates fluctuate. If they stay within +/- 0.03-0.05 sft that would be a good indicator that your getting fixed solution. I will test my theory once the windshields temps go above 0. :weary:

(Brent Wiebe) #30

In my case I didn’t attempt to have magnet software do the correcting. I just sent a fixed solution to topcon from reach.

(Timd1971) #31

I have never used Topcon Magnet, but I also noticed rover is setup as Autonomous/SBAS and DGPS also??? Seems it would never get a FIX this way right? Or will Topcon Magnet let you better than this with this generic NMEA? In FieldGenius, you can set this up as AUTONOMOUS, RTK FLOAT, or RTK FIX. Which I set my ACTIVE TOLERANCE TO RTK FIX.

(Brent Wiebe) #32

I have successfully used the fixed solution using this same setup.


Magnet will treat that connection just like the one they offer in their SHC5000 or FC5000. Those tablets have an integrated ublox chip (similar to emlid) and can give you autonomous positions. I don’t think you can filter to give you RTK fix, because the configuration doesn’t allow for that.


Does is says fixed solution in Magnet? If so, I wonder why it doesn’t allow Michael to take a shot…

(Brent Wiebe) #35

Yes it certainly does say fixed.


that’s interesting…there have to be a setting missing somewhere on the Survey Style then…

(Michael Lambert) #37

Autonomous/SBAS just allows those options. Otherwise you can’t do anything when Autonomous and SBAS sats will be ignored. The shot parameters menu is another filter saying that you can only shoot when you have DGPS or better.

(Michael Lambert) #38

Like I said earlier, I think it has something to do with what happens on the Emlid side when it does go green that Magnet is not understanding. Unless I can get them to help me and look at it then it will not go anywhere. Topcon sure isn’t going to help me!

(Brent Wiebe) #39

Isn’t that ever true! I think topcon actually hung up on me! Emlid has shown tremendous enthusiasm for resolving this issue before. I’m gonna look back through some of my earlier posts.


I think if you change your Solution, instead of DGPS to “All”…it will allow you to take a shot while in fixed solution