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We noticed than the output of rtkpost from the CLI version (built from your git repository, reach branch) differ from the GUI version (with the exact same config), However, I noticed that the output doesn’t differ each time. One of your team told me that that was “normal”, as you optimized only the GUI version for the emlid gps.
Do you plan to update the CLI version with the same optimization ? Actually, you are limiting the use of your GPS at industrial scale in post processing mod by only modify the GUI version.
From our side, we deployed 10 unit of your reach m+, and the needed to sometimes post-process the log manually with the GUI app to get consistence results is very penalizing.




Hi, @emilien.aldanajague !

Emlid has published post-processing software specifically for Reach receivers called Emlid Studio.

The software is in beta at the time of this publication, but they may help you with your workflow until the final version is released.

Best regards!

Hi @pedroaugustofaria,

Thanks for your answer, however the problem remain the same with emlid studio, it’s a graphical interface and it’s not possible to script it like the CLI version of rtklib.



Hi @emilien.aldanajague,

We indeed optimized only the GUI version for the Reach receivers.

At the moment, we have no plans to update the CLI version. However, I understand your point: processing a lot of data manually might be inconvenient and take a long time.

I will discuss your request with the team. Probably, we can resolve this in the GUI version as well.

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Thanks for your answer. Indeed, a solution to script the post processing could be really a great feature.


We have also multiple RS2 units doing static measurements in forest environment. We are using emlid RTKlib gui version for post processing but its very slow process and would like to automate it using CLI RTKlib. We tried some other RTKlib version with CLI but the results were poor. We really hope you could make the optimisation for the CLI version also! Or it could be the Emlid studio if the process can be mostly automatic.

Hi @tapio.kallio,

Currently, we’re working on improving the Emlid Studio. Indeed, batch processing can be convenient for processing a large amount of data. I believe it can be implemented in our software in the future. But now, I can barely say exactly when this feature will be released.

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