Unexpected shutdown

Hello! I have a pair of RS + with version 2.24.2 installed. I am recently experiencing issues where the receivers (usually the base) shut down.
In tests in the interior they did not turn off.
But outside in the sun, after a random time the units turn off without notice.
The battery is charged (several tests with different battery levels).
Another thing that I notice is an slow down of the system (browser reachview and the app (RV2).

Any idea what is happening?

I have the full report but I wouldn’t know how to read it.

UPDATE: I tested the receivers and is like they shutdown due overheating. Because in the night they have been on about 5-6 hours. In direct sun, in 20 minutes they shutdown. Base and Rover. The temp of the day is about 30º Celsius.

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Hi Lucas,

Please send Full System Reports from both of your units to support@emlid.com or to my PM to avoid publishing its sensitive data. We’ll check the reports to see what could be the reason for the shutdowns.

Hello! I have sent the files to the message mail! I wait to see if there is something. Thanks a lot

Hi Lucas,

We’ve received it, thank you! We’ll be in touch once we’ve checked it.