Unexpected shutdown

Hello! I have a pair of RS + with version 2.24.2 installed. I am recently experiencing issues where the receivers (usually the base) shut down.
In tests in the interior they did not turn off.
But outside in the sun, after a random time the units turn off without notice.
The battery is charged (several tests with different battery levels).
Another thing that I notice is an slow down of the system (browser reachview and the app (RV2).

Any idea what is happening?

I have the full report but I wouldn’t know how to read it.

UPDATE: I tested the receivers and is like they shutdown due overheating. Because in the night they have been on about 5-6 hours. In direct sun, in 20 minutes they shutdown. Base and Rover. The temp of the day is about 30º Celsius.

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Hi Lucas,

Please send Full System Reports from both of your units to support@emlid.com or to my PM to avoid publishing its sensitive data. We’ll check the reports to see what could be the reason for the shutdowns.

Hello! I have sent the files to the message mail! I wait to see if there is something. Thanks a lot

Hi Lucas,

We’ve received it, thank you! We’ll be in touch once we’ve checked it.

Hi Lucas,

We can see the signs of the rather high working temperature of Reach in the logs you’ve sent. Provoked by the environmental conditions, this could affect the unit’s behavior.

We recommend not to expose the unit to direct sunlight over a long period of time. The temperature of the device under direct sunlight may go beyond recommended values.

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