Reach RS2 high environmental temperature

Buenos dias, tengo el mismo problema. Trabajo en una zona que todo el año es bastante caliente. Cual seria la solucion? El RS2 aguanta mayor temperatura ?

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Could you please email us at with the Full System Report from the unit? I’d like to check the logged CPU temperatures first. The Full System Report may contain some sensitive information so it’s better not to share it publicly. You can export the report in the ReachView Settings tab.

Also, please note that the public section of this forum is in English. Next time, please, use English so that everyone can understand you :slightly_smiling_face:


The body black external color is not good for hot tropics with lots of sunshine all year it gets really hot after 10 minutes in the sun working

Have you had problems with the temperature? Here I work with temperatures over 35 degrees indoors and in direct sun much more, I never had problems due to temperature. The query is strange

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When using in long static session during 11am to 3pm in summer here in the Caribbean, the black plastic housing becomes too hot to touch.

Are you using a metal pole?
As the brass mount is used to conduct heat away from the battery and circuitry, using a metal pole would increase the surface area, and thus lower the temperature.
You could even apply some thermal grease to threading to increase the thermal conductivity from the brass threading to the pole.

Here is a visual example in frost:

Notice how the end nearest the RS2 has no frost, while the rest does. This was after being outside for a whole night.


Thanks for this interesting fact. I am using carbon fiber 2m pole… will check it with the 2m SECO steel GNSS pole

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