Unable to update reachview ,I have Connected Reach to the Internet

I have Connected Reach to the Internet. and the led status like this

But I can not update reachview.

The control panel

Is there any suggestion?

I tried many times. Updates often fail without downloading.
The farthest process is “Download 46%”,and then failed.

It’s a bad experience to update the reachview,is there any update solution in offline mode.

Hi @FisherLong,

As I can see, you’re currently on the dev version. To return to the stable version, you need to perform the reflashing procedure.

You can use this guide to find out how to reflash your Reach with a stable image. Please download necessary data from the unit before the reflashing as it’s going to be destroyed during the process.

Thanks for your reply.

And i’d like to know if we can setup the RINEX logging update rate to 20HZ in the stable vision v2.22.3?

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