There's no option :20hz ?Reach M2

I’ve got the Reach M2 last month.
Why i can’t log raw data (rinex) in 20Hz Update rate

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Is there any update plan?

I am sure the 20Hz. is for position output rate primarily so maybe website is typo?

May I ask why you would want to record the position 20 times each second? How fast are you going?

PPK for UAV mapping

From the rinex raw data ,I can only find records in 0.1 second intervals.

We also have first generation products:Reach Module .
We can set the update rate to 14HZ.

@FisherLong, yes there is a disagreement between the website and the actual settings available. Sorry about that, we shouldn’t have written it on the page while it wasn’t actually available.

There is a software update coming that will enable this, but it is not in the immediate future as there is a lot of other things to be done. We also found from the feedback from our users that for PPK mapping higher logging data rate does not improve the final accuracy that much. Interpolation in post-processing takes care of that.

We will fix the website meanwhile and will try to bring this update soon. Again, really sorry about the confusion.


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