Unable to change networks during setup

I am able to get the RS2 to talk to phone using RS2 wifi. When I change over to phone wifi get a blue box saying to change networks and a red box saying network lost. Have to go back and start over. Done several times. Does not allow to pass the first setup.

Hi Mark,

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When you ask Reach to connect to another Wi-Fi network, the Network LED should blink and become solid blue. You will see Reach in ReachView 3 after connecting your mobile device to the same Wi-Fi. Our Setting up Wi-Fi guide covers the process in a bit more detail.

If you connect Reach to the mobile phone’s hotspot, you need to turn on the hotspot while Reach is still searching for the network. So, you should do it fast that can be a bit tricky indeed :slight_smile:

If you have 2 mobile devices, you can turn on the mobile hotspot on the first device and connect your Reach to it from the second one. This way, you won’t need to switch your phone to hotspot mode in the middle of the process.

Alternatively, you can try to connect your Reach to your home or office 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.

Hi Mark,

Did these suggestions help your Reach pass the first setup? If not, just let me know. I’ll come up with something to help you get through it.

I changed from a 5GH wifi to a 2.4GH and was able to get the RS2 up and running. Thanks for the help.

On a separate question: If I am using the base to collect data for OPUS can I at the same time use the rover and collect PPK data for other locations and then after OPUS provides location of base use the base and rover with the OPUs location to correct the rover locations?

Hi Mark,

Sure! As I know, many of our users work this way.

If you get the raw data log and a CSV file with the points from the rover, you can process them with the base’s data in the Emlid Studio Stop & Go. To tie your coordinates to the global ones, please choose the LLH base position and enter the coordinates from OPUS in WGS84.

Do I need my phone connected to both the Base and Rover? Can the phone be used to get the Base recording and then connected to the Rover to designate separate point locations?

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Ksenila: Sorry to bother you - I messed up. When entering the password for the RS2 using an iPad, I started typed emlid and then the ios auto filled the rest and I do not remember what it is.
How do you reset the password? The forum has a solution but I do not know what is meant by xterm. Can you help with this?

Hi Mark,

The units continue logging data even if you disconnect from them. So, you can use only one mobile phone and switch between the base and rover.

My comment on the password change is in your second thread. I believe it’s easier not to get confused when the topics are separated.

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