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At the moment RTKLIB does not support multiple base stations.

That makes the RTKLIB extremely limited :frowning:

Please enlighten me as to why one would want a rover to process from two base stations in real time.

I can understand the opposite case where one would want to broadcast from one base station to multiple rovers.

It would not be a real time solution with 2 base stations but post processed with more than one.

Right. Not sure how I missed that:[quote]
Is there a way to perform GPS post processing in RTKLIB with more than 2 stations SIMULTANEOUSLY?

If we take the question literally, then you can just run 2 instances of RTKPOST at the same time, but I don’t think that is what Vusal is asking for.

So is the intention of post processing with 2 bases intended to help catch errors (e.g. incorrect coordinate entry), or is is actually going to make the rover position solution more accurate?

2 instances of RTKPOST will come up each with a different solution for the same point.

Indeed. I have been given coordinates of 2 control points. I have observed both and post processed them. It turned out that the given coordinates (at least for one of the control point) are wrong.

I wondered if RTKLIB could “force”-process a single point based on 2 control stations and calculate the mean error.

Anyway, I have already switched to Leica Geo Office.

It would be interesting to see your results from processing through RTKPOST using 1 base, then run the data through again using the second base, vs your LGO results where you use both.

Thanks for the explanation. I guess RTKLIB is not complete enough of a solution for this task. Maybe a spreadsheet and some simple math could accomplish the same task in a crude way using the 2 separate position files. I may try it out.

Does Leica Geo Office let you import ubx and or rinex files? I have been using Ashtech Solutions since 1998. You can input many receivers and process all at the same time. Is this program similar?
Thank You

Post-processing approach is the same. LGO actually does NOT compute a solution for 3 points with 2 being base stations and 1 a rover. LGO, same as RTKLIB, computes a single baseline solution with TWO points only, one of which is either of the base stations and the other one is the unknown point. It then performs an adjustment using the baselines data.

I’m sorry I cannot share the coordinates, however to my surprise both LGO and RTKLIB have come up with almost similar solutions. The advantages for LGO is a friendly UI and an ability to compute Ortho heights using EGM2008 geoid model.


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Neither is LGO :slight_smile:

Not sure about “ubx” but I did imported RINEX file that I downloaded from

Never heard of Ashtech Solutions.

LGO does too have sort of “process all at the same time” functionality, but I would say it is rather “batch process single baseline” think instead of “compute each baseline in reference to one another”.

Yes I can do it, you might to save the information in format Rinex 2.11 and change the extension .obs to .19o