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(Brian Christal) #103

Will send out another cable. Early beta cables occasionally missed or added events.

(Michael Lambert) #104

Thanks @Brian_Christal, been a great setup!

(Pvargues) #105

Hi there folks. Im having the same problem… missing events on my surveys. how can i solve that?
Many thanks.

(Michael Lambert) #106

Do you have the TuffWing or equivalent LED activated setup?

(Pvargues) #107

Yes i have tuffwing kit beta release

(Michael Lambert) #108

PM @Brian_Christal. We’ll try the update kit and report back.

(Pvargues) #109

How can i order the update kit??!

(Brian Christal) #110

Hi Pedro,

It’s on the way to you.

(Pvargues) #111

Heyyy man… Thank you very Much…


Should I use a Phantom 4 pro? Or the Pro v2.0?


(Michael Lambert) #113

I would definitely go to the V2 just because of the ocusync. Besides that there’s really no difference so it depends on what you want to spend.

(Michael Lambert) #114

Latest update on the P4P PPK M+ setup…

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