UART Port broken, what should I do?

Heal pals,
After forcibly trying to fit in my telemetry module, I accidently broke my UART port. Is there any way I could go forward with connecting my telemetry module with another port or having it the port replaced?

Hi Abdul,

What device do you use?

Navio 2.

My question simply is, can I order another UART port and somehow solder it or can I plug in my telemetry module in the ADC port and connect it to mission planner?

ADC port is not UART port. You can use USB without problem.

Do you know a specific telemetry that I can plug in USB connection?

What about this?

If your telemetry module is without USB, you need a 5 volts FTDI adaptor like this one:

and a short USB cable (USB to mini USB B)

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I just bought the following UART cable adapter. So should I return this? wouldn’t this work? In the description it states this can also support 5v

Really appreciate your help!

It may be fine.

Ok cool! Thanks alot.

Hey dude, I don’t know how to use the adapter. What do I mean is that the the lines that would go with the usb adapter doesn’t fit into my telemetry module.

The above is the telemetry module I have. If you could help me with this, it would be really appreciated. Basically IDK how to fit in the adapter with the above telemetry.


You need 4 wires:

Module TXD to Adapter RX
Module RXD to Adapter TX

Some soldering is requested :wink:

Do you mean break open one end of telemetry line (above pic) and solder it with the adapter line (below pic)


I really appreciate you helping me with this man.

It is the way to do it.

Hey so I did that, and it worked. I changed the serial port to /dev/USB0. But now my mission planner fails to work. I don’t know why. it simply doesn’t connect to the telemtry.

Check USB to TTL switch is the good position:

and Rx and Tx lines are crossed between USB module and telemetry…

Hi Abdul,

Have you managed to connect Navio2 to Mission Planner?

If the same issue occurs, may I ask you to send us a photo of your current setup?
What launching options have you specified in the /etc/default/ardu<vehicle> file?

@mlebret @gleb.gira

The attached are the pictures of my set up. I have temporarily for testing purposes have taped the lines. I have connected the 5v cable, TXD to RXD adapter, RXD to TXD adapter, and GND to GND. I also connected TXD to TXD adapter and RXD to RXD adapter; however, it fails to connect in mission planner. The light turns on and it shows that it is connected to Ground telemetry station; however, in mission planner, it doesn’t connect.

@gleb.gira This is my code in /etc/default/arducopter file. Please help if you can.
TELEM1="-a upd:"
TELEM2="-C /dev/ttyUSB0"



So the application here would be USB to TTL right? I’m sorry, I’m not very well versed in reference to the picture you posted.
And you also said that TXD on telemetry-ground-station should be connected to RXD flash-adapter and RXD on the telemetry-ground-station should be connected to TXD flash-adapter? correct?

If you could further help so I can finish this project of mine, I would be really grateful for you. Thank you again for all of the help.