Turn Reach RS to CORS

I have question regarding installing CORS:

  1. Is that possible to build a CORS using Reach RS?
  2. If possible, which equipment will use?

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I am assuming you mean into a caster. With a CORS network (continuously operating reference system or station). CORS has a caster that sends corrections or a client that receives said corrections.

If you want to setup a caster see the following thread.

Here is a better thread that I couldn’t find earlier

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Do I understand it right that you want to set Reach RS as a permanent base station? If so, you can use the unit for the purpose. You can provide it with a constant power supply via USB or the bottom connector. Please note that if Reach RS turns off, you will need to turn it on manually.

To transmit corrections from a Reach RS base to rovers, you may use the Emlid Caster, which @jp-drain-sol mentioned.

Thanks you so much both @jp-drain-sol and @kseniia.suzdaltseva. I have just check and read your suggestion. I will try to follow instruction. If I have any updates, I will inform you here.

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