Trouble opening ReachView web page

same problem as here, I can connect to the hotspot, ligth is blue / white, sometimes I can acces to the website, most of the times no. DHCP server dont provide a gateway, I try to add the reach Ip a gateway but same issue, no web interface. I can SSH to recover my raw logs, but still, no way to get to the website.

Already suffer this issue 3 times, I did 4 firmware upgrades to the latest vercion. I though it was because I did not power down Reach ok, but this last 3 times I suffer the same problem, and I did power down Reach from the setting menu all the times.

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ReachView needs to update the time first. Time comes from one of two places:

  1. satellites (must put antenna outside or at least near a window so it can get a satellite signal)
  2. network time server (must be configured to a Wi-Fi network that has a local NTP server)

If you boot Reach in hotspot mode, then you only have option 1, so you must give the antenna some satellite signal first, before you can access ReachView.

Additional note: If you are connecting to Reach’s hotspot, then you don’t need a gateway. If you get an error saying the DHCP server didn’t provide a gateway, that is because there is no gateway. You only need a gateway when you want to connect to other network segments (like the Internet), and Reach does a lot of things, but it doesn’t provide you Internet access :wink:

@bide follow me on this scenario. I have emlid reach working fine, without any wifi connection, I’m outside, working with emlid as AP , my phone is connected to emlid, Im getting RTK corrections from another emlid using 3dr radios, everything is working fine, I finish measuring some points, I go to settings, and I turn off the device, then I disconnect the battery pack.

I go back to my hose ( still no wifi ), I turn on the Rover, ( base is off, no time information is pressent ), I got the emlid AP on, I can connect to the network, I can SSH, but I can not acces to emlid view from the browser ( neither from my phone or from my pc ) , you are saying that this is due to the lack of Time information ?

OK, so I connect to emlid from my phone, Reach app see the Ip, I try to connect from my phone ( in order to enter wifi credentials of my hose ) and I can not get to the menu that I saw after I flash the firmware, this is due to the lack of Time information ?

Workarround would be to power on the device with the antenna on a clear view of the sky in order to get a few satelites to be able to acces to the reach view app to enter my wifi credentials?

Yes, I think so. RTK performance depends on accurate time. ReachView’s primary function is RTK, and so it waits for accurate time before starting. In my case, the office is in the top floor of the building, so I get satellite signal penetrating the roof and I am able to get a poor signal from inside, but it is good enough to get the time and boot ReachView within a minute or two.

You just have to go near an outside window for a minute. Watch the LED indications to see what the current status is. Otherwise just run an NTP server on your local network and Reach will get time from that. Or, as you already know, just get the logs by ssh if you are in a hurry.


I am not exactly certain, but the issue might be that you try to access again? When Reach connects to a network, as opposed to creating it, it will be assigned an address. You can scan the network with our native app(available for both Android and iOS).

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