Trimble EZ-250

Hi all,
I just purchased a Reach RS2+ as a NTRIP base station

So far, the system’s performance is very good.
I have some older Trimble EZ-250 and 500 and saw a post on this group that some people had been trying to use Emlid receivers for these systems

I was wondering if this project ended up being successful and if anyone would be able to help me achieve this on my own tractors, I would really appreciate the help.

Thank you all.
Please see below info as a reminder

Ez guide 250 / 500 TSIP Converter IT Works!

Reach Module / RS+ / RS2+ / RXProject share


Mar '21

Well it took awhile this winter, and much math, but it finally works. Still needs to get field tested but I am sure it will work just as good as the conversion on the EZ 150. So happy to breathe new life into this hardware, and prevent wasting good working units.

Youtube F9P to TSIP for Precision Agriculture.

I built a working ubx to tsip converter, but it is a waste of time compared to AgOpenGPS.

Just build AgOpenGps, the Trimbles are obsolete and the parts are ridiculously expensive.

Get features like Headland guidance, uturn, dual or single receiver, mapping, unlimited screen size, section control, integrated web cam viewing, and full access to source code. All without a single unlock fee.

I use an Emlid M2 as a basestation and emlid caster for Ntrip corrections, that cost less than 1 years subscription for 1 tractor to trimble.


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