Ez guide 250 / 500 TSIP Converter IT Works!

Well it took awhile this winter, and much math, but it finally works. Still needs to get field tested but I am sure it will work just as good as the conversion on the EZ 150. So happy to breathe new life into this hardware, and prevent wasting good working units.

Youtube F9P to TSIP for Precision Agriculture.

Next project is to trick out AG Open GPS with new features.


Great job!

My winter projects have come to a halt as we have had an exceptionally warm dry March. There is a lot of tile going in the ground etc.

Good to hear you are keeping busy, tile is cool stuff. The snow is just starting to melt up here, and its finally comfortable to work outside again.

I don’t think we are going to getting anything colder than -15C at night now, its downright mild, 5C during the day.

Setting up the base station today with the external 1W Ebyte radios. Tested them last night and found I can send 5hz corrections over 19200baud air rate. Then time permitting want to go for a drive to see the range.


last week, we averaged a high of 15-18 C all week. Everyone and their brother was doing field work.

Today woke up to -6 C and a chance of snow. Welcome to Ohio, if you don’t like the weather, wait an hour and it will change.

A 1 watt radio can put out miles depending on the height of the base antenna and terrain (line of site) I didn’t do a real distance test with my RFD900/3DR radio config as we are using the base as a portable base and only need it to make it for the size of the job site. 1/4 to 1/2 mile is plenty of range for our application.

Currently the ebyte radios are a bit erratic, it looks like the data is flying across on serial terminal ok, but when i plug it into the m2 I only get 1 correction every 10s or so.

Had them working last fall on the bench?

I know Its a setting somewhere but the manual is in chinese/english mismash. So guess and check it is!

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