Trimble base files and how to?

New to all this and have been fighting with my files trying to get something processed - no luck yet!

But I have my Trimble R9 Base station static data to use with my reach rover (Drone)

The Trimbles base files are in a .T02 format.
I have converted the t02 file using the Trimble utility - “Convert to Rinex”
After conversion I get 3 files:

Do I have to run the .18o file through RTKCONV so the extension changes to .obs?
As well, is there anything I need to do with the .18n file so it becomes a .nav?

Thank you for any help!

These will work fine in RTKpost

Nop, you can choose to only use the GPS (.18n) or make a wildcard entry (.18*) to use both.

I figured as much, but im just grasping at straws here.
im following the instructions down to the T, yet when I hit plot, theres nothing there.
I have ran every single file I have hoping that i miss read something or that the instructions where bad.

I just cant get it to work

Can you share your files?

Let me know if that works.
There will be a folder in there called drone file, it will have the raw .obs and the formatted version of it, with the event38 format utility tool.
The other 2 files are the my base station

Ii have to run out to the field to check on a project. Ill be back in about 30 minutes

Your base and rover time are different and don’t overlap. That’s why you don’t get a solution.
On top of that I don’t think RTKlib likes the base. The rover antenna also seems weak. Only 1 sat is over 45 db, the rest 35 or lower.


Okay, so thats my issue.
My rover and base times are not matching.

Would I need to manually set the time on my base?

nevermind about the base question.

i ran it all again - with the formatted obs file.
and got a q=5 solution.
it shows my flight but its all in red. so its still unusable for me

Are they recorded at the same time?


Here is a screen shot of the flight path.

Then I am little out of ideas.
Maybe the time was offset when converting either the Trimble or Reach raw dataset?

I have no idea! lol
This is all new to me.

After 100 tries it finally plotted out for me.
So im clueless

It plotted, but when you have a Q=5 solution, it means no use of the base file, you could just as well have processed the rover file as Single. You will get the same results.

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Ohhhh I see

For the price you paid for the Event38 I’d be knocking on their door for answers.

Luckily they are 40mins from my house, BUT I won’t pay their prices.

They’ve tried to be helpful when someone was available.
Would had been nice to originally get a screen share or something going for a walk-through.
Id imagine there had been others that bought their craft having zero experience with PPK.
The instructions on their site are a bit… sparse in areas

Yeah I’ve talked to Jeff, he’s making a killing. His markup is ridiculous. Next time, build your own for a 1/3 of the price.

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Hi @jcarignan,

I’ve looked into your raw logs from the link above, and time period from both rover logs doesn’t match to base log time.

For post processing, you need base and rover logs recorded during the same time period.

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Yes ma’am,

After sitting down, doing some reading and realizing fully what was needed, I noticed that I was doing something wrong.

Im waiting for the wind to die down here so I can do another flight of the area, with my Trimble Base station logging at the correct time.