Trimble base files and how to?

Hi @jcarignan,

Did you get a chance to make more test flights?

Hey Andrew,
Yes I was able to get 3 more test flights in.
All of which have left me with unusable data.

I leave my drone in an open elevated area, not an obstruction, nor tree in any direction for over 1 km.
The drone will sit for over an hour and is unable to obtain more than a single green bar if im lucky.

@jcarignan can you share your raw test logs from each flight and setup photos, please?

That is a link to my drop box.
As for a set up image, All im doing is allowing the drone with the reach unit in it, to sit idle on the ground for 1 hour.
I have a Trimble base station that is fixed to a location, because it is used daily for site survey.
But I did included a screen shot from google earth showing my approx set up location in our of our tailings fields.

Can you post the raw-files (so from before they are made into .obs files)?

I think the your problem is 2-fold:

  • Your rover reception quality is quite poor. You need to improve the antenna.
  • RTKlib doesn’t see SNR on the Base obs file, so something must be a little funky here.

You might also want to observe more systems than just GPS, but experiment with the “more systems vs more resolution”-question, when you get the antenna improved.

Okay check drop box now.
The zip is my raw drone files
the TO2 file is my trimble net R9 Base station.

I read on these forums that since im not using a Reach base station, that GPS was the only system i should use.

And when you say improve antenna, what does that mean?
Everything was preset up by Event38.
For the $10k I spent on this thing, you would figure the antenna would be good quality?
Ive also included the spec sheet that came with the drone in my drop box

Event 38 is now offering a L1/L2 piski-multi GNSS upgrade, only $5000 bahahaha.

A piski stand alone receiver is only $695. Hmmm.

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Oh wow!

My Phantom 4 Pro came in today.
It sucks having to lay out GCPs, but at least it works.

Unfortunately I still haven’t been able to get a reply from event.
In mining, time is money… a lot of money.
The longer this thing sits idle the more money lost.
Hopefully I get a reply this week

Any idea what my acceleration should be set at using Reach on my fixed wing?>

From posting my files in another thread i was told my Antenna had a weak solution.

I was wondering if I need to adjust my max acceleration on my rovers reach?
I am using a trimble net r9 base and a emlid reach for my fixed wing drone, hoping to do PPK.
For the past week I have not received a response from the supplier of the fixed wing, so im hoping someone here could provide an answer.

Hi @jcarignan,

I’d like to clarify your workflow steps if you don’t mind?

  • You have static Trimble R9 Base. Turn it on and start writing log.
    Do you know exact coordinates of it?
  • Get your Event38 wing drone and go to the field.
  • Turn drone on and start waiting for good satellite signal (green bars) and single solution status.
    At this point, if I understand right, you usually have satellites, but no green bars?
  • Launch your drone and wait for the end of the mission.
  • Turn off drone and base.
  • Download RAW logs from them on your PC.
  • Post-process logs.
    In RTKPOST what Base Station type do you use in Options-Positions tab?
  • Get 100% single solution result.

Is it right? Please correct me if your steps differ.

I’ve processed your last logs from Dropbox with the final result you can see below.

Although it looking good, I’ve used settings in RTKPOST which are not common. In most cases, default settings are the best.
So, I’ve changed Elevation Mask to 25 and turn off SNR Mask. Then I got this result from the screenshot above.

I’ve also made a few tests with different Elevation Mask values, but the smaller the value, the lower percent of fix I got.

I’ve also got your 100% single solution result using default setting with SNR Mask on.

As a conclusion, I can assume that there’s a problem with rover reception quality as @wizprod mentioned before. Maybe your drone antenna placed the wrong way. Also, it can be affected with a noise from some drone part. All in all, as it’s likely hardware problem, it’s better to check with Event38 support about it.


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@jcarignan, try to turn on more systems during your next test.

No, you don’t need to do this.

Correct, your work flow is bang on.
Yes the coordinate for my base station is

N 5447949.937
E 308576.15
Elevation 512.318

In which format do I need to enter my base position in RTKPOST?

In all tests, I’ve used Average of Single Position, but you can manually enter your coordinates there.
In drop-down Base Station type list you’ll see acceptable coordinate formats.

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