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Topcon Magnet Field Issues

(Michael Lambert) #41

10-4. 10hz is not glonass. I can choose Galileo and SBAS. Trying 14hz gps-only now.
The base can have everything on correct?

(Timd1971) #42

Not sure if this matters… but @Brent_W is using (2) RS+ receivers correct? And @chascoadmin (1) RS+ for BASE and (1) M+ for ROVER correct? Again, not sure that matters, but I just noticed that difference from @Brent_W just in case.

in the end, hope it works out for @chascoadmin! ; )

(Brent Wiebe) #43

It definitely shouldn’t make a difference that I can think of.

(Michael Lambert) #44

I’m using my base and rover right now. I tried 14hz and 10hz both GPS only and then GPS/Galileo/SBAS. I’m out of time right now because I need to go verify hey subcontractor’s benchmark that is busted with my topcon, but I will play with this some more tonight. Hopefully I will have a little bit of time after this benchmark check to try out feel genius.

(Brent Wiebe) #45

Maybe it’s in the version of Topcon Magnet Field…

(Timd1971) #46

when you get time, to rule that out, what version MAGNET?

(Michael Lambert) #47

I’m on version 5.1.

(Brent Wiebe) #48

I’ll try to update my trial version. To me it’s no loss if it quits working.

(Timd1971) #49

The 30 day Trial download says v4.3 (20170531)

I haven’t installed yet, but I guess the Trial will connect via internet to UPDATE to maybe whatever the latest version is? (v5.1???)

(Michael Lambert) #50

I can put up the install file if you guys want?

(Brent Wiebe) #51

Thanks, we’ve been sharing links to that already! :slight_smile:

(Michael Lambert) #52

Cool, just catching up. This is what I have. Direct installs.


(Timd1971) #53

@chascoadmin Do these install as 30 day trials if no activation etc?

(Michael Lambert) #54

Yes, as long as it is the first install on the device. I believe if Magnet was there before it might just start in demo mode. Fully functional, but only let you shoot so many points.