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Topcon Magnet Field Issues

(Timd1971) #21

I am not using Topcon Magnet Field yet (have not installed yet), but using FieldGenius 9/10 on a similar older style data collector Trimble Nomad 900G. So “typically” when using a straight up serial cable such as the Emlid one you and I have, serial port connection is TYPICALLY COM1. My Bluetooth works just fine, so going to stick with it. I purchased the Emlid serial cable as a back up in case of trouble.

I haven’t tried using the serial cable on my Surface Pro yet. I have a serial to USB converter, but I don’t have the need to mess with that yet. I also have some big projects coming up, so like Chasco, I don’t want to mess anything up that is working fine right now.

Wise choice Chasco, I wouldn’t go connecting anything either until you know for certain the pinouts are correct if not using a genuine Emlid cable.

(Brent Wiebe) #22

Thanks for the warnings! There is much to be learned… This cable is from emlid but I suppose it still applies.
Also, FYI I used to connect my surface pro 3 via USB. USB to pc.

(Timd1971) #23

yes, I do that too and with Bluetooth. But in order to use your Emlid Serial cable the Surface Pro does not have the old style serial port connector (some and older laptops do), so you would need an additional serial to USB converter. That was just added info in case anyone needed to do that for whatever reason, but really, might as well use Micro-USB to USB or BT, unless they really need to use a Emlid sertial cable to a PC without old serial port.

(Timd1971) #24

if you have either the Emlid cables with connectors on BOTH ends, I think you’ll be fine, but just habit of mine:

I do not have the connector-less on one end version, but from what I understand (I am NOT certain) this is the one for people that also need POWER in addition to just the data communication:

(Michael Lambert) #25

Thank you Sir. I am going to order the female and will compare it to the Topcon when I get it. I have about 15 of them, lol…

(Timd1971) #26



The cables with the connector only have 3 wires connected internally. Ground, TX, and RX. They can take +/- 25 Volts, so it is highly unlikely you could hurt your Reach RS+ if the pins got mixed up. Of course, this doesn’t mean I am taking responsibility :slight_smile: Do your homework first.

(Timd1971) #28

Don’t do it Chasco unless you test the pinouts first. : /


What could possibly go wrong :question::exclamation:


(Michael Lambert) #30

Thanks guys, a simple continuity test will let me order the pins. :slight_smile:

(Timd1971) #31

@chascoadmin Were you ever to get your TOPCON MAGNET data collector / software to work via Bluetooth using the settings @Brent_W used that worked for him?

(Michael Lambert) #32

I am actually on site right now and setting everything up so I will give it a run.

(Michael Lambert) #33

I changed my update to 1hz and the same thing. In reachview I had 27 satellites for the base and the rover, but the magnet software only show 21 base and 12 rover. I went back into settings and change the shot requirements from dgps to all and no dice. One difference though is that now that is showing 21 base and no Rover, but it is fixed. Which view shows 26 for both.

Everything besides the above is the same as my original posted images.

(Michael Lambert) #34

I will add that I am able to stake out points just fine.

(Timd1971) #35

I think @Brent_W had to set to 5Hz and above, 1Hz did not work for him either?

(Brent Wiebe) #36

That is correct. 5hz was the minimum.

(Michael Lambert) #37

I went from 5 to 1hz, but I will switch back to see.

(Brent Wiebe) #38

Try 14 Hz with only gps enabled.

(Michael Lambert) #39

Will do. I can also do 10hz with GPS and Glonass. Kinematic, fix and hold and glonass ar on?

(Brent Wiebe) #40

The only reason I say that is to establish a minimum and to absolutely duplicate what I had.