This is a question about the navio2 operating order.

I ordered the product to connect the navio2 to the rpi.
For the basic information, see navio2 doc.
Reading the navio2 doc, I have a question.

First, I want to use MISSION PLANNER.
You want to set it to automatic mode and upload the Waypoint command to navio2 and have it perform the mission.

I searched on the navio2 community and I heard that you can download and check information related to the mission from GCS, can’t you check it from Rpi?

I read a lot of articles in the Navio2 community, some in the Navio2 memory, some in the rpi, some in the /var/lib.

I wanted to check, so I installed the image file related to navio2 in rpi and went into /var/lib to check.
But maybe I didn’t have a navio2 so I didn’t have an ardupilot folder.

It was helpful because there were many useful contents in the navio2 community, but I’m getting more and more and more and more.

I’m so curious that I keep searching and searching.

Is there anyone who can answer correctly?

What I want to know is how it works when I send a mission command to the navio2 set in automatic mode.
I also want to know where it is stored.

I think if Gcs send the mission command to navio2, the information about Waypoint will be stored in rpi and the mission will be carried out accordingly, am I mistaken?

Or does gcs read the various signals of navio2 connected to rpi in real time, such as altitude, gyroscope, gps, and so on, and give orders to act accordingly?

As I’m asking questions, I’m also curious about the mission procedure.

As it was my first time working on such a project, the question was long.
Please reply.

GCS (Ground Station Software) is the interface between the User (You) and the Ardupilot Computer Unit (RPI-Navio2, PixHawk,…)

GCS help to configure (set Mission profile), send orders and control (visualise parameters and navigation).

All computation is done by the Ardupilot device.

You can send orders with RC transmitter (manual input, mode changes) or GCS (Mavlink).

Ardupilot device is able (according to your settings) to perform autonomous mission from take off to landing with just one Take off order (RC or Mavlink).

All is well documented there:

Mission parameters are stored in non volatile memory in the Ardupilot device. If you need to redo the same mission, you can just do it. If you want to follow another path, you have to set it from GCS and store it on the Ardupilot device before flight.

Thank you for your quick and accurate reply.
But you said that the mission parameters are stored in the non-volatile memory of the ardupilot device.
Then I think Rpi will be saved on the sd card.
Then what is the address of the saved location?
Is it the /var/lib/ardupilot location as mentioned above?

Hi @elron,

Could you please specify what you’re aiming to accomplish by accessing this data? If you need to change the mission’s parameters, the essential way to do this is by using Mission Planner.

First of all, there is no goal I want to achieve with this content.
It’s just curiosity.
In my opinion, if GCS writes a waypoint to rpi or sends a command to start or end a mission, it will be stored somewhere and the ardupilot will read the contents and perform the related contents.
So I asked because I was wondering where the related information was saved.

Hi @elron,

Once you have configured your mission with the waypoints, it will be sent from Mission Planner to the vehicle and saved in its EEPROM. As this information is not stored on the SD card, it doesn’t seem feasible to access it like a regular file.

I believe this thread might be of interest to you as there was considered a similar case.

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