The picture and location do not match

We have tested RS2 PPK, and we have faced some issues. If there anyone facing the same issue as me, please advise.

Test model

  •   Base : REACH RS2 
  •   Rover : M2 
  •   Camera : SONY A6000 
  •   Drone Type : Fixed wing Pixhawk2 Black 

A problem occurs when we do Geotagging Photos with Geo Setter. Coordinate of Photo does not place correct location as you can see from the file I am sharing, it tags the same coordinate data after Photo# DSC00160.JPG. We suspect that your program’s geosetter tool makes a wrong Geotagging. In order to match the number of photos with the number of Marks, we have removed a few test pictures taken before take-off.

Please check the file I am sharing by the below link. There is also a file for post processing procedure. Please have it checked if we are missing anything.



Hi @Rims,

Am I correct that your post contains the same data as the post from the link above?

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Dear Andrew, Yes, the same one. RIMs is my colleague.

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Thanks for letting me know!

As this thread is the same as another one opened by you, I suggest closing this one.

I’ve sent an answer to your case in your thread.