The new rpi4 8 gig and Navio Image not working

Hi, i downloaded and flashed your image for use on the new rpi4 8 gig. i receive the following error on boot;

this board requires newer software. get the latest software from

thats the second photo.

what i also did was to download raspbian os, then build ardupilot (i am using a rover) and i get the error as shown in the first photo.

Hi John,

Could you please share the photos of Navio2 attachment to the Raspberry Pi?

Would it be possible to check your setup with another SD card and follow our guide from scratch?

If you would like to build ardupilot from sources, I would suggest following our guide that could be of help to you.

i have followed all the guides. the image is working on a rpi4 but the 2 gig version- i believe.


I have the exact same issue. On my RPi4 model b 8GB the latest emlid raspbian won’t boot, but vanilla raspbian works perfectly. Tried 2 different SD cards, no difference.

Any suggestions?

Hi Guys, i am new to the emlid community and i am trying to setup Raspberry pi 4 model b - 8gb with Navio2. i am running into this problem when trying to boot. i am using etcher to flash image(emlid-raspbian-20191128.img). Please Help

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the reports! It seems like this happens because of the new RAM chip configuration on Raspberry Pi 4 with 8 Gb RAM.

To determine the actual cause of the issue, we’re now trying to reproduce this. Unfortunately, it might take some time as we’re working remotely and getting all of the equipment is tricky. I’ll be in touch once there’s news about it.