The function trigger in ReachView

Hi, I see in ReachView, there is a trigger camera menu.

  1. Is this function for trigger all kind of camera?
  2. Is there a specific cable needed? And how to install?
  3. When ReachView triggered a camera, what will happen next?
    Thank you

Hi, I’m also very curious about this part of ReachView…

This is a feature that moves a GPIO up and down as shown on the graph, it is up to the user to integrate it with a camera as most of them have different triggering methods. For Sony camera you need to get a “Sony multi trigger cable” like this one, they are available from different vendors. The trigger is simply time based and we strongly suggest that if your drone is equipped with an autopilot that is able to trigger the camera on its own it is better to leave this function to it.

Camera will trigger and that is it, you still need to integrate Event Mark with hotshoe of the camera in order to get the timestamp.

Thank you, I get it mean.
So, this is an option. I plan to buy sony with multiport cable, trigger from apm, then hot shoe triggered reach to make timestamp.


Excellent ! That makes a trig function independant from Autopilot and that is really great.
My current problem was to trig a camera while Parrot Chuck was directing the plane. With my Reach module problem seems fixed.


Have you try this trigger function? How to setup?

Not yet tried. Not at home at this moment.

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