The difference between RTK fixed RTK float and 3D RTK

when i use my reach, i find the status showed in the mission planner , the status of the GPS sometimes is
"3D RTK" and sometimes is “RTK Fixed”.
i want to know, which status of the GPS is right? or which one has better accuracy ?
hope for your reply!

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Quote the misson planner manual:
In the Mission Planner main page, you can see the current GPS status displayed as RTK Float / RTK Fixed / 3D RTK, indicating that the positioning of the UAV has entered the RTK mode. RTK Float is a floating-point solution; RTK Fixed is a fixed solution. RTK Fixed mode has a higher accuracy and requires better signal strength. 3D RTK is unified saying of RTK Float / RTK in the Mission Planner Chinese version.

So, RTK Fixed is the best option

thank u very much for your answer! i still have a question, if i want to keep the GPS status in RTK fixed, that means i need to make a good signal environment for the reach , like on the top of a building , right?

Yes, for good signal, but not necessarily on top of a building, unless you have blocked view on the ground.
Its recommende to a minimum of 35degree and up with clear skyview.

A little more info here:

thank u for your help!:smile:

sorry, question again. i find the plot of my log downloaded from my rover and base reach has yellow and green point. like this following picture:point
and i want to know what does the green and yellow point mean? is the yellow point means the GPS’s status is in the float and the green means fixed status?
am i right?


thank u!:smile:

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