The benefits of using Emlid Account

To get all of the advantages of Emlid Flow, we always recommend using Emlid Account. Once you’re logged in, your data will be immediately backed up to the cloud and available on every device you use. Using Emlid Account is free. What benefits does it bring to you?

Protect your projects

Sometimes, things happen. With Emlid Account you may not worry about losing your data in case there are troubles with your controller. All your data can be easily restored—just log in and voila!

Work from any device

Use any device with Emlid Flow you want! Just log into your account and get all your projects from the сloud. No additional actions are needed, synchronization happens automatically.

Another case: your smartphone is discharged during work and you need to switch to a tablet. Emlid Account makes it easy.

Besides projects, Emlid Account also transfers your NTRIP profiles and custom coordinate systems. Without sync, all data are stored on your mobile device, and you need to copy them before switching between devices.

Access Emlid Flow 360

And something new comes here—now with an Emlid Account you can access Emlid Flow 360, a cloud service that is made to ease the process of preparing and getting ready projects.

You can work with Emlid Flow 360 in any browser on your PC or laptop. Imagine, you come from the field, open your laptop, log into Flow 360 with your Emlid Account, and your just collected data is already there. Now you can export the project to GIS or CAD.

Or vice versa: you already have some data from a GIS or CAD project. With Flow 360, you can create a project and import this data to not bother with this in the field.

You can read more about it in our docs.

All your data is stored safely in our cloud and can be used without regard to a particular device.

Tell us how you organize your work using cloud sync!


why do we emlid users have to pay using emlid flow

You don’t ! Emlid Flow is FREE. :tada:
You have the option to subscribe to Survey if you need those tools.

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The platform is great, but its limited when you need to have the ability to have the subscription benefits in multiple devices. I was told you can only log in to two devices at once. I manage 20 EMLIDS RS2 and have one account for all of them for data management. The easiest way around this is to log out of the account once the survey perform. But as you expect, the users might forget about and trying to have that seat back can be a hassle when you need it. I would recommend some sort remote device release that can be done from the account. I don’t want/need to pay 10 subscription to maintain them in the devices.

didnt know

Hi guys,

Emlid Account, in its current state, is indeed mostly for individuals, not teams. If many devices work via one account simultaneously, it requires another way of data management to keep it safe. That’s why there are limitations now.

But we see your requests and will look into that direction.

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Are there any plans to implement remote access to my own base station via emlid account?

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Hi @vgo195,

Right now, we don’t have anything like this at work. But we’ve had such requests before and know it’s useful in some cases. So, we will probably consider it in the future.