TFmini scaling error

I have installed a TFmini range finder and have the output on Mission Planner.

It is out by a factor of about x 3.25, it reads 4m at 1.23m

As it’s data, I don’t see a way in MP to scale this. I would have expected there to be a multiplier somewhere.

Ardcopter FW V3.6.11
Mission Planner 1.3.70

Is working fine with the software (1.23m)

I have upgraded to 4.03 and this problem remains.

Sonar reads 4m in Mission Planner at 1.23m

Benewake app reads 1.23m

Does anyone know where I can edit the multiplier?

Hi Lee,

I’m afraid we hardly can be of help with configuration of 3rd-party equipment.

Have you checked this tutorial related to the TFmini lidar arrangement from Ardupilot docs?

There is a parameter to look:

rangefinder1 (TFmini)) and rangfinder2 (analog) values are both perfect.
It was my misunderstanding not to observe these values in status.

Sonar Range is incorrect.

I don’t see where this is obtained.