Test 2 Fail on Reach M2 after reboot


I am getting a failure in Test 2 on a Reach M2 unit. What does it mean?

I didn’t perform an upgrade. I Just noticed that the PPS signal was not present, I measured and got 0.6V so I rebooted and now that Test 2 failure is all that I get. It connects to the WiFi network, though.

The current firmware version is 2.24


This is some info from /var/log/reach-ublox-daemon.log around the time it started to fail:

[2020-11-12 01:16:39.529] [RUD] [info] applySettings: applying...
[2020-11-12 01:16:39.529] [RUD] [info] applySettings: corr_out applying...
[2020-11-12 01:16:39.529] [RUD] [info] applySettings: corr_out: path: 'tcpsvr://:9000'
[2020-11-12 01:16:39.529] [RUD] [info] activateCorrOut: msg_cfg: '1074(1.0),1084(1.0),1006(10.0)'
[2020-11-12 01:16:39.531] [RUD] [info] activateCorrOut: llh_pos: (52.05666396749575 -9.5008459324188 38.71272991452993), ant_hgt: 0.0, path: 'tcpsvr://:9000'
[2020-11-12 01:16:39.535] [RUD] [info] applySettings: success
[2020-11-12 16:24:22.358] [RUD] [error] Mainloop: status info is invalid more than 10268 ms
[2020-11-12 16:24:22.362] [RUD] [info] Receiver configuration: 1
[2020-11-12 16:24:35.336] [RUD] [error] detectBaudRate: failed to detect baud rate
[2020-11-12 16:24:36.336] [RUD] [info] Receiver configuration: 2
[2020-11-12 16:24:49.328] [RUD] [error] detectBaudRate: failed to detect baud rate
[2020-11-12 16:24:50.329] [RUD] [info] Receiver configuration: 3
[2020-11-12 16:25:03.302] [RUD] [error] detectBaudRate: failed to detect baud rate
[2020-11-12 16:25:04.302] [RUD] [error] Receiver configuration: failed
[2020-11-12 16:25:05.304] [RUD] [error] Mainloop: status info is invalid more than 53214 ms
[2020-11-12 16:25:05.304] [RUD] [info] Receiver configuration: 1
[2020-11-12 16:25:18.278] [RUD] [error] detectBaudRate: failed to detect baud rate
[2020-11-12 16:25:19.279] [RUD] [info] Receiver configuration: 2
[2020-11-12 16:25:32.252] [RUD] [error] detectBaudRate: failed to detect baud rate
[2020-11-12 16:25:33.252] [RUD] [info] Receiver configuration: 3
[2020-11-12 16:25:46.227] [RUD] [error] detectBaudRate: failed to detect baud rate
[2020-11-12 16:25:47.228] [RUD] [error] Receiver configuration: failed

Hi Gustavo,

Unfortunately, it looks like the device was powered incorrectly or shortcutted. You can try reflashing it to eliminate the possibility of the software glitch but I am afraid this error indicates permanent damage to the GNSS chip.

Hi @dmitriy.ershov, thanks for your reply. When you say “powered incorrectly”, does it include under voltage?

I had the reach interfaced with an Arduino board which was reading the PPS signal and toggling an LED. And as I said before, I noticed the issue because the LED didn’t toggle anymore (PPS signal was lost). The unit system was running for more than 12 hours when that happened so I wonder if a drop in the 5v could be the reason for that given than the system was partially unattended (I just checked it every hour or so).

Reflashing didn’t work. As the network details were erased, the unit can’t be found when using it as a hotspot.


Hi @dmitriy.ershov, is there any option to replace the GNSS board assuming that the Neutis is still working properly? Thanks

Hi Gustavo,

Please check your PMs. I’ve contacted you there. The next steps are easier to handle in a private chat.

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