Reach M2 fails Test 2

Hi! I have the same problem here with my M2 module. How can I fix it ?


Hi, I couldn’t fix it. They claimed the GNSS was damaged by incorrect power but did not offer the option to get the GNSS board to replace it.

Hi Thiago,

Please, try to reflash the unit according to this guide. When did the unit start to behave that way?

Hi Gustavo,

The warranty does not cover the units which were incorrectly powered. Please, check your PM. I wrote to you there regarding the possible resolution.

The issue started after a flight, I’ve landed the drones, changed batteries and then the test 2 failed. The drone was flying perfectly with the same setup for at least 2 months.

Any solutions or part replacements to be done?


Have you tried reflashing the unit? Also, what are the parameters of the power supply in your drone?

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