Tablets, Tablet Brackets, and GIS/Collector Apps

Hi All,

Finally got my (2) Reach RS+ units, and I’m beginning to learn and make mistakes.

I’m interested in good economical solutions for tablets, tablet brackets, and data collection apps to use with my rover unit.

I saw Simon_Allen’s great post regarding using Mapit, so that looks like a good place to start.

My use case is primarily collecting point data in RTK mode or for PPK processing. Generally, I’m surveying vegetation and would like to collect position, point id, and some type of species/plant type information. I may collect 400 points at a given location/plot.

Ideally, I would be able to generate forms for the data collection, similar to what’s available through ESRI’s products.

So specifically, I’m interested in…

  1. What apps people are using to do similar work.
  2. What tablets are most economical in that they can run the apps, have good brightness in the field, and good battery life.
  3. Good options for brackets to hold the tablet to the survey pole.

Thanks everyone!

en la cuestion de brackets busque en amazon y encontre dos tipos; una para tablet y otro para cellular compre los dos por un precio del alrededor de 25 dlls. solo tienes que buscar en la sección de bracket para bicicletas y motocicletas ahi lo encontre y son muy funcionales y baratas.
En apps compre el mobile topographer pro para levantamientos y es excelente para cualquier tipo de trabajo, en cuanto a celulares tu decides cuanto quieres gastar pero recomendaria que se usara solo para levantamiento porque es molesto cuándo esta hacienda un levantamiento y no paran de llamarte aveces interrumpen el proceso de conexion con los satelites

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Maybe use GoogleTranslate when you post?

In the question of brackets look in amazon and I found two types; one for tablet and another for cellular buy the two for a price of around 25 dlls. you just have to look in the bracket section for bicycles and motorcycles there I found it and they are very functional and cheap.
In apps, buy the mobile topo topo pro for surveys and it is excellent for any kind of work, as for cell phones you decide how much you want to spend but I would recommend that you use it only for lifting because it is annoying when you are doing a survey and they do not stop calling you sometimes interrupt the process of connection with the satellites

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I can’t say much for your application, but from reading, sounds like Mapit with Extensions for Android (iOS?)is the BEST. QGIS (free and powerful) also for Windows Tablet (Mac, Linux, BSD). (Check out Emlid docs, tutorials for QGIS. Brent Wiebe has some posts around mount etc) Mobile Topo good too (android).

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For hardware i use RAM mount and collector claw for my phone.
Claw fits on my phone, samsung s5 and RAM mount with suction cup fits my tablet note

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Since you will be doing a lot of rovering, maybe invest in the lightest survey pole possible? I.e. carbon fiber. With small data collector or tablet. Just depends on tradeoff… i.e. large screen or small screen lighter…lots of tromping through vegetation may be best smaller option? If u need to have it stay vert a lot, a bipod also? But added wait and BS.

Base maybe get a light tripod or even light photographic tripod if you dont need heavy tribrach and heavier tripod for use with it. Get at least a 1’ tall extension for base. I have a 1’ and 2’ extension so antenna clears and to get above your head.

Sounds like u may also have a problem with forest canopy also? Good luck with L1 GNSS. Search posts about that. Uggh.

You’ve come a long way since you started!!! : )

Speaking of, carbon fibre pole there! $$$

Chines Ebay carbon… :sweat_smile:
The day Emlid granted me PRO i had to step it up a notch :sunglasses:
ref. my old pole which i still have


Good choice for the clamp for the phone… I have a different one for my Trimble Nomad 900G, but that is hinge style, vs side screw clamp. So my Note 8 falls out…I will get the one you just posted! thanks Tore!

Great ide for the tablet also! I may look into a tablet or surface etc also with a rugged case.

Where did you get the carbon fibre pole? I have seco equipment.

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You can spend a lot of unnecessary money here.
My monopod cost $20 from a camera store and is 178cm tall. Add a Reach RS and the height is 184, or taller than me.
I have a $99 galaxy tab.
My bracket is a piece of ply with a foam floor tile stuck to it with a cutout for the tab. This is directly below the GPS, so at eye level has been tie wrapped to the pole.

Works well, is light and did not cost a days wages.

hola timd 1971 el echo de escribir en español no implica que tu no lo puedas entender ya que la mayoria escribe en ingles y a mi no se me dificulta entender lo que ustedes postean lo que me interesa lo tradusco y lo demas lo dejo pasar no tengo problema con eso como todos ustede creo que lo hacen de igual manera

Whatever abel.

Again, translation:

hello timd 1971 the fact of writing in Spanish does not mean that you can not understand it since most of them write in English and it is not difficult for me to understand what you post what I am interested in and what else I let go of I have no problem with that as you all think I do it in the same way

Instead of us having to translate it 1 time for every read, if you translated it when posting, you would save other people more time, and helping other people help you in the process.

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What about iOS apps?


I use this with my carbon fibre pole

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