Surveying with one RS2 unit and ppk with cors data

Hi everybody.

Question: Is it possible to pick up points (in my case Ground Control Points for a drone survey) by using only one RS2 unit as Rover, correcting the survey in post with CORS data from our National NTRIB data.

I ask this, because I can do this, sort of, with my DJI Phantom 4 which is fitted with an F2-Gold PPK module. It records GNSS data every 0.2 second and registers and EVENT when the drone camera takes a picture. This data is the Post Processed afterwards in Rtklib using CORS data. I do not know how to reproduce “an event” with just using one RS2 as rover using the Reachview 3 app.
Could it possibly be as easy as recording a log on the RS2 Rover, and doing the same processing in Rtklib (will it have my survey points in reachview app processed as “events” similar to what is done with the drone units data?

Thank guys for helping, Leon

Hi Leon,

Welcome to the community forum, and thanks for your patience!

Sure, you can collect points with the single Reach RS2 and the NTRIP data. You can either work in RTK or PPK.

You described your PPK workflow with the drone. The steps for collecting GCPs in PPK with one Reach RS2 receiver are similar:

  • start logging on Reach RS2

  • collect points in Survey project with ReachView 3 app

  • stop logging in after the survey is done and download them

  • download the log from the NTRIP station, which matches the time period on the rover

  • use the Stop&Go feature of our new PPK software Emlid Studio

Please note that Emlid Studio is in beta testing now, which means that it is still under development. You can share your feedback with us in this community forum thread.

However, this collection process can be done quicker in RTK if you can establish a real-time link with your NTRIP service. Reach RS2 can work in RTK with NTRIP bases located up to 60 km away. We have a detailed guide about placing GCPs in RTK in our docs. So I believe checking it will be helpful for you.

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