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I have an m+ and RS+. The reachview app is kind of unusable for land survey. I am looking for android apps for use in point stakeout and for cogo. Something that works in a local coordinate system. I am trying out Landstar 7, but something just isn’t working correctly with the scale factor. Can anyone offer any android app solutions, free or not too expensive?

Fieldgenius for android .


Hi Aj,

Most of the surveying apps are paid. However, it’s possible to ask for a free trial to find the more suitable option for you. David mentioned the MicroSurvey FieldGenius app for Android, it should work fine with Reach devices.

You can check the list of tested apps following this link. Also, there’s a shortlist with threads about the apps discussion that might be useful for you:

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Hi All,

I’ve tested seven different Android apps and the one that I settled upon is Field Genius. You can get a 30 day (or longer) free trial / Demo - - check it out. While none of the APPs is perfect, FieldGenius programmers actively work on the APP and they’re quite responsive. I found a bug in the first week of my demo and they’ve already fixed it. NICE!

I can work on the data points in my local coordinates with easy. Importing / exporting the point data to AutoCad is a breeze, all of the data is in my local coordinate system - I never work in EMLID’s LLH native coords… All of my points are in my local coordinates and the conversion to LLH is seamless. I live / work in central / eastern New Mexico, USA, and the local coordinate conversion works perfectly.

I’m an Emlid user & surveyor - and the FieldGenius App is the best! If you want a demo, call the sales dept. of Microsurvey / Field Genius for Android, ask for Curtis ( he help me out and their whole support team is very responsive).

When you’re ready to buy FieldGenius, ask for a discount (May 2020). Currently the $995 APP is on sale for $695 (but you may have to ask). Its a one time payment - no recurring fees. I bought my APP last week and I just order a Galaxy Tab S6, with a T-mobile Sim Card and a super-duper hard case & screen cover, along with the RAM 10" tablet X-Grip pole mount.

FYI, with T-mobile’s 600 Mhz (band 71) in my area, the coverage is excellent (your mileage may vary), we get coverage in mountain areas that is beyond excellent. We’ll soon be setting up our own NTRIP broadcaster over the internet and be able to extend our RTK range well beyond that of the internal Emlid radios.

Just last week, I had to stake out 10 mountain side points in very wooded, rugged, and rough terrain. In the OLD days, with my total station and my TDS48 data collector, this would have been a 2 or 3 day job for 2 men. It took me less than 25 minutes with one man, (2) Emlid RS2s, and Field Genius on my cell phone. Even with a full cover of trees and the mountain shielding about 1/3 of the available satellites. Good job EMLID, Good job Field Genius. They both earned an “attaboy”.

Best of luck to all, Tom


Thanks for the outstanding review and recommendation Tom! We’ve been working hard at building up the program, keep posted for continued updates!

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I have Landstar7 working great. Simple datum issue, my fault. Field genius for android is lacking in the cogo department so I’m looking at investing in a trimble nomad. It’s going to be a bit before the android apps catch up to windows. Field genius is planning on adding more features as they improve and develop the app. Hopefully they include some better cogo.

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