APP for surveying

Hi everyone. I want to buy Reach RS2. I am planning to use it for

  • RTK surveying (collecting point)
  • Sticking out
  • static observations
    I will work in local coordinate system. I know that in Reachview do not have opportunity create local coordinate system, and I am looking for other app for android. What app you will advise? Is there any free?
    Ps. Please shre your experiance about Emlid, what What are the advantages and disadvantages of this reciever?
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Thanks. I have downloaded and installed this app. Now I am trying to test.
But how can I see there is no EMLID or many other types of antennas.
If you have user manual please share it (if it will be in russian it will be great).

Поищи здесь на форуме, много говорилось про Nuwa

Here I explain how to connect a receiver to the application

Also you can download a latest version : (2019-09-20/Version:


Hi Shahen,

You can find the list of GIS apps that work with Reach RS2 in our docs.

Hi Aleksandr,

May I ask you to use English in the public part of the forum so other users may participate in the discussion too? :slightly_smiling_face:

Also discovered another very interesting android application that can be added to the list and can also support Emlid receivers called TcpGPS Pro from Aplitop (multilanguage) with a lot of functionalities.


What is the cost of the application?

You can directly request a quote from the support or one of the distributors closest to your country at :

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We have publish a video about TCP GPS. You can see it here: [quote=“ATyges, post:4, topic:16375”]

The cost of this software is 490 €. You can find it in our website:

Cost of TCP-GPS Basic is 490 € (Android version)

MicroSurvey FieldGenius for Android


Hello all,
For Nuwa App users a new version is realized today (2019-10-12/Version: and a lot of enhancements and bugs fixed.
Enjoy !

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Thank You

I’m trying the Nuwa update but when I try to connect to Rs2 the app crashing :frowning:

Tested here I found a same problem !
I write to the author and I’ll keep you informed.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Probably on purpose? Tersus is a competitor to Emlid and probably not very happy Emlid users using their software insteae of their Tersus products?

Just a guess… hopefully I am wrong.


Good luck. I has months ago about the antenna radius etc. In their app settings. NO RESPONSE.

If you purchased their products, I’d assume you may get a response?

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@timd1971 it’s likely but personally I do not think it should be a bug I just wrote to the author and I’m waiting for his answer.
I wrote to them before and they answered me…
I also think it’s in their interest to remove all the bugs from their application even if it is used by users who do not necessarily have their products it is the goal besides that it is public.