Survey App - Orthometric Height

Hi guys,

I’ve previously used MapIt GIS but only with a GNSS receiver so not used elevations. Sorry for the idiotic question but do I tick the orthometric height setting when using the RS2? Im not too sure about geoids etc. I’m in UK and need data to mAOD.

Also would take any recommendations of better surveying apps?

Thanks a lot.

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Hi Dave,

You can try our beta ReachView 3 app. The app supports different vertical datums, including the Ordnance Datum Newlyn (ODN). Please note that the app requires the latest dev firmware on your Reach.

Alternatively, you can transmit Reach coordinates to a 3rd-party app that supports the datum using the Android mock location feature.

Hi, I can’t see the ODN option in rechview 3 at all? Where is this option?


Hi Dave,

To apply the coordinate system, please follow the steps:

  • Go to the ReachView 3 Survey tab

  • Tap on the Plus button. The New Project window should appear

  • Tap on the Vertical datum tab

  • Enter ODN and choose the system

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