SurvCE & Field genius shift

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed issues with collecting data in SurvCE or Fieldgenius i seem to always have a 1.5m shift when using projections. Anyone noticed the same sort of thing?

Hi Ray,

Is it an elevation shift?

Do you have a local base station or use NTRIP?

How do you compare the projections?

Hi , mainly a x,y shift, doesn’t seem to matter if i use local base or Ntrip (cors) i have two Permanent marks, setting base up over one and using survCE , to collect a point over the second permanent mark. Using the reach view app , no problems. Use my datalogger and SurvCE , on Australian GDA94 , bang 1.5m shift.

How do you convert the result from Reachview in WGS84/Ellipsoid to GDA94 ?

Via geoscience australia website , AU’s geoid , etc. shouldn’t be a problem has worked for past 5years

In fieldgenius, you can see the lat/long/elipsoid as well in the status bar. Do they match the coordinates in Reachview?

I’m new to Reach and have never used the app…but was the 1.5m shift makes me suspicious that one mark is GDA2020. Check the Geoscience Aus website isn’t defaulting to GDA2020 now?

Hi James , Only their Auscors feed is broadcasting Ntrip in GDA2020 not doing a transformation or geoid, they have check boxes to put in your WGS and recieve either GDA94 or GDA2020.

And at any case doesn’t matter if i record in gda94, gda2020 or AMG still get a 1.5m shift in SurvCE there is something in the software that is making a shift and can’t locate it.

no they do not

Frustrating…is it only a new issue?

Seems to be, i also get the same shift when setting my base over a PSM (known mark)

Well just had a Answer from carlson. They no longer support the Emlid reach range of products.
And their software no longer will work.

Wow! I was just about to buy an RS2 tomorrow to use with SurvCE!

yeah , well thats the word from carlson

i received a demo from them this morning and all reference to emlid has now gone

Appreciate you letting us know :slight_smile:

Hey there,

There is indeed no Emlid profile in the SurveCE app. However, Reach devices still work with SurveCE/SurvePC apps over a generic NMEA profile. The integration process is described in this guide from our docs in details.

Reach devices output the standard NMEA messages, so that they should work fine with these apps.

As for the issue with the 1.5 shift, it hardly can be connected with the fact that there is no specific Reach profile.


Do you have the same shift with the WGS84 coordinate system?


Hi Tatiana,
Will there be any limitations with this approach? Can RS2 work as a rover, base, etc all with SurvCE?
Are you able to check or demonstrate it working on SurvCE and confirm the 1.5m is an anomaly and should not occur for most users?
Kind regards,

Hi James,

Reach just sends the position in NMEA format to external software. All configurations of base and rover are done via ReachView app. This is how it works not only with SurvCE/PC but with all 3rd-party apps.