SurvCE & Field genius shift

Cool, sounds good.

Any updates on the 1.5m error?

Other apps seem to work fine with Reach, we haven’t heard about issues similar to this one. Therefore it’s most likely related to SurvCE config.

Would be great to hear comments from Ray on the question below

Hi , still testing on the WGS84 , however at this stage i would say it does As the WGS84 values coming into SurvCE do not match the ones in the reach view app

Hi Dmitriy,
Should I have the RS2 with a sim card in it to receive NTRIP corrections directly, rather than setting up NTRIP via/with SurvCE?

You can only set it up via Reachview on the RS2.


Thanks mate :slight_smile:

Here to help and get smarter myself, so no problem :smiley:

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