SurPad with RS2

Hello Everyone!

Any updates on SurvPad via Bluetooth/ Tcp Client?

I’m having issues in both TCP Client and Bluetooth connections

Hi Adriano,

Please elaborate on the issues you’re experiencing. What device you’re using the SurPad on, what OS version it runs on?

What type of error you receive?

It simply disconnects ever 10 or so seconds, and after 5 or so seconds it reconnects, and keeps repeting the same issue.

In one case, one of my clients had a issue using Client TCP, not connecting in this configuration .

I also noticed a lot of clients having issues with bluetooth connection after the new changes in the latest update, softwares like TcpGPS, as well as SurvPad/SurvX.

Hi Adriano,

This is rather peculiar. We haven’t come across any issues with the Bluetooth connection on the latest firmware version.

To exclude the configurational issues, please, reset the settings to the default on your receiver and configure the connection once again. This will help to any unintentional changes of the setup.

Also, Reach receivers don’t initiate the Bluetooth connection. So it’s important to double-check if the device you’re pairing Reach with can initiate and maintain the connection.

We recommend using the mock location when obtaining the coordinates with Android device. This makes the connection more stable. The guide on how to configure it can be found here.


Thanks for the feedback Polina!

Could be that the changes on Bluetooth made the older configurations obsolete or in need of update?

If so will need to request an update configuration to each developer. Would be a great help if the old bluetooth setting could be shared so we can send to theses developers for update, or maybe to know how to set up the new NMEA configurations!

Hi Adriano,

Thanks for your patience!

The configurations made prior to the update made in compliance with the Bluetooth requirements should stay the same after the update. So I’m afraid I don’t see what you mean by the old settings. It’d be great if you elaborated.

Do I understand correctly that reconfiguration of the settings didn’t change the connection?

Yes it didn’t changed the connection.

I see, so if no bluetooth connections were changed what could have made the communication with third-party apps unstable and even unable?

In the older v2.24.2 i was still able to connect via Bluetooth on Sanding’s SurvX and Aplitop’s TcpGPS. There were some cases when they couldn’t communicate with some Android models but it was few cases.

Now SurvX simply cannot connect with stability. I’ve sent a video via e-mail last week so you could check the behavior.


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Hey everyone,

Just want to give an update here. At the moment, this issue with the Bluetooth connection is solved.

We’ve found out that Android devices have the Battery optimization feature enabled by default for all the apps. If this feature is enabled for your surveying app, it can cause intermittent connection with the Bluetooth.

According to our tests, if you disable this setting, it should help regain the stable Bluetooth connection. Please try that if you’re experiencing issues with the Bluetooth connection.

In case of any additional questions and reports, please, create a new community forum thread or contact us via so that we can take a closer look at it.

Thank you!