Bluetooth connection RS2

Hello. I have the same problem with bluetooth communication. Communication is unstable, I can send video reports.

Hi @geodezja-skwierzyna,

Did I get it correctly that you set up the Bluetooth connection using the mock location feature?

If so, are there any error messages in the Lefebure app?

What firmware version is installed on your Reach?

Video reports would be of great help as well.

Wow ! That’s a cool controller/data collector . What kind of controller is it ?

Is that SurPad , SurvX or Landstar 7, Nuwa?? CHCNAV? SOUTH GNSS.

Edit: looks like SurPad/SurvX software… same but different names. Not sure of Data Collector.

Hi @geodezja-skwierzyna,

I see that the connection is indeed unstable. However, I’m not familiar with the interface of the app you use. Did I get correctly that you connect to the Reach directly from your app?

Hello. The software is Surpad, S50V2 controller, SIM card in the controller, RS2 connection with the controller via bluetooth. All options checked, the problem occurs on two identical sets, one purchased 2 weeks ago with soft v26.2, the other with soft v2.24.2. Does anyone have the same problem with the stability of the connection between the controller and RS2 ??

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Did this help:

Unfortunately, disabling battery optimization in android does not help :frowning:

Yeah, guessing there may be a bit more to the bluetooth problem possibly for some users and devices.

I definitely know after I updated my RS units to 26, I had issues with just trying to connect via Bluetooth with a Trimble Nomad 900 data collector where I never had issues before. I think I gave up on it out of frustration. My Surface devices work, so I just use those. I’ll try again when I get time and after a newer firmware.

EDIT: The firmware version I had on my Reach RS units before I upgraded to firmware 26 was version 2.16.2 of 2019. I was able to connect to older devices (i.e. Trimble Nomad 900 data collector) WITHOUT having to use a passcode. Now it will not after v26, requires passcode but device does not support passcodes.

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I can see that the problem of Bluetooth communication is serious in RS2 receivers

Hi… how could it be going? Do you actually have the issue with BT association?

I tried it with Mobile Topographer, as you inquired. There were no issues with BT association when I changed from Lefebure application to Mobile geologist.

Hi @geodezja-skwierzyna,

The recommended way of integrating Reach with 3rd-party Android apps is using Lefebure app and mock location feature. We can hardly test each Android software to confirm that it works correctly with Reach. However, we can confirm that it works with Lefebure, which delivers coordinates to all other apps.

Also, Lefebure shows a direct stream from Reach, including all the interruptions. That’s why I’m asking you to try to connect Reach to Surpad via Lefebure. It can either help you or confirm there are issues with the Bluetooth connection.

We want to resolve these issues for you. However, we’ve double-checked that the Bluetooth connection on the 26.2 works ok with our devices. So, more details from you would be of great help.

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