Is there any way to configure the UTC of the coordinates obtained in a PPK survey to match the RINEX data? I’ve been processing some points that I collected in the field using PPK, but upon obtaining the corrected coordinates, none of the points from the CSV were corrected. Upon reviewing the files, I noticed that they had different UTC. The data was collected with Reach RS2+ receivers in the Emlid Flow app and processed in Emlid Studio 1.7.

I wonder if this issue is related to this other one?


Yes, it’s very similar, thanks. I understand it’s a programming issue, but how can it be resolved? Because it seems to cause problems in post-processing, as I don’t get corrected coordinates in the stop-and-go processing.

If it’s causing you an immediate problem, then try opening the Project in EmlidFlow on your tablet/phone and export the file from there. It should then export the file with the correct timestamp if it’s the same issue as I’ve highlighted.

It’s only the export from the online version, EmlidFlow (at least on the iOS versions) exports the correct timestamp values.

Hope that helps you.


What is the online version?, I exported the csv using emlid flow for Android

The online version is Emlid Flow 360.

However, if you’ve exported via Android, it’s unlikely your problem is the same as the one I reported. But, there’s no harm in you trying to export your project from the online version to see if it resolves your issue.

The only other way to fix quickly is to import your project .csv file into a spreadsheet and correct the times yourself, then save it again as a .csv file. What is the time offset that needs to be corrected?


Hi @vanesavaca12,

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Emlid Studio uses GPS time for post-processing. In terms of time, it only requires that the files overlap. Can you please share your data with me so I can check it and try to post-process it? To keep it private, you can also send it to


Sorry for the delay, I’ll send you the database, rover, and CSV file. I did a PPK, but I can’t get results in the coordinates. By the way, I set the rover not to receive corrections, so I’ve been working in single mode all the time for testing purposes.

Hi @vanesavaca12,

Thank you for sharing your data. I’ve checked it.

For me, the post-processing was completed, and I got a solution for all four points. As I saw, the files overlap in time, so it shouldn’t cause any issues during the process.

At which step did you experience the issue? Was it only with generating the corrected CSV?