Time Bug in Emlid Flow 360 export


I think I might have run into a bug in Emlid Flow 360!

On the 22nd March I created an Emlid Flow project and recorded 5 data points with an RS3. On the same day I exported a project .csv file from Emlid Flow on my tablet. At that point in the calendar, the UK was running on standard GMT/UTC+00:00. This created a file in which the data points showed their Averaging Start and Averaging End times as

2024-03-22 09:17:57.8 UTC+00:00 2024-03-22 09:18:07.8 UTC+00:00

Move on in time to April and I used EmlidFlow360 (aka the online version) to re-export a copy of the .csv file. In the UK we’ve now switched from GMT (GMT/UTC+00:00) to BST (GMT/UTC+01:00). Only now the times show up as:

2024-03-22 10:17:57.7 UTC+01:00 2024-03-22 10:18:07.7 UTC+01:00

The exported time has been advanced by +1hr. (Additionally, for a couple of the timestamps, the decimal 1/10’s of a second change -in the above example from 09:17:57.8 to 10:17:57.7)

If I revert back to exporting the same project .csv file via EmlidFlow on my tablet, then the exported times are correct as originally recorded - ie they aren’t advanced by an hour.

The times show correctly if I click on a point in the web browser, so it’s something with the export routine. in the online version of Emlid Flow360.

Collection Time

Start:22 Mar 2024 • 09:17:57

End:22 Mar 2024 • 09:18:07


I’d wager that its likely a programming issue using current date for time zones when the data is exported. In the background, it would all be GMT/UTC+0.

If the times aren’t really all that important for you, I doubt there would be no concern, however it might get interesting if post processing were done in Studio perhaps. Maybe Emlid can confirm?


Hi Nick,

The times you highlighted are referring to the same moment of time. It shows UTC+1 as there was indeed a 1-hour move on time in your location. In general, it shouldn’t affect the accuracy of your data in any way.

It’s only because of rounding algorithms. It shouldn’t affect the quality of your survey, either.

Good question, @joelbladen! Emlid Studio uses GPS time for its calculation. In terms of time, it only requires that the files that you use overlap.

Apologies, I’m working across so many bits of software , each giving so many different times; configurations and bugs that it’s getting very confusing!

It might be an idea to have Emlid Flow and Flow 360 export the timestamps in the same way/format, that way someone like me doesn’t unwittingly get confused and read them as being different times :wink:

Always think in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

It’ll make you life easier if you think about it. My life has been referenced to UTC since the mid 70’s.