Stop & go method,

Is there any new function in the survey to help the collection by stop & go method, someone tells me something different or the best solution is still this:

This should get you there a little easier. Stop & go by utilizing the survey functionality built into Reachview. It will read your collection times from the survey CSV file and extract positions from your corrected .pos file.

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hi, tks so much man,

And at the time of collection, how should I do it? let “all” logs active and at time of collection go to survey and record point? (for how long)

At what step in this program do I make the correction against the base? thanks again

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Are you using rs+ or rs2?


Yes enable raw logging right at beginning of survey. Pick the constellations you want to log in the RTK setting tab and choose your update rate. Start surveying.

You can set rules up in the survey tab but this is dependent on your survey requirements. For me a I can live with 1-2 minutes at each point (GCPs) at 1hz update rate.

You make the correction to the base in RTKPost prior to using the software. Then load the corrected log into the software with the CSV from your survey.

tks again! i will try

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Hi everyone,

I want to give a small update on this pretty old topic :blush: We have released free desktop software Emlid Studio since then. It has Stop & Go with ReachView 3 technique, so you can try this feature for your workflow. Our guide can be of help. Feel free to create a new topic if any questions come up!