SPCS+NAVD88 Using Stop & Go with Emlid Flow

Hello, I have been using Emlid Studio for PPK processing in WGS84 for over a year. Now that Emlid Flow supports projects projected in State Plane coordinates and NAVD88 elevations, we would like to do our work in these systems. However, when I process in Emlid Studio using Stop & Go, I get lat/lon/ellipsoidial height.

Is there a way to get the final corrected CSV to give State Plane coordinates with NAVD88 elevations?



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I have asked for this too. I don’t believe this is in the cards for Emlid Studio with PPK. With RTK, you’ll obviously get the ENZ data but not in PPK. I just bring the final CSV generated by studio into ESRI, QGIS, or whatever third party mapping software as LLH and then project to NAD83 2011 SPCS and NAVD88 height Ft US (Geoid 18 conus). It would be nice if this were implemented into studio!

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You can upload a CSV file from Stop & Go to an Emlid Flow project in your coordinate system and vertical datum. Emlid Flow will apply the projection and geoid automatically. You can find more details in this Support tips post.

One important note – the base’s datum in Emlid Studio and the project’s datum in Emlid Flow should match for proper conversion. So, if the projection is based on NAD83, you’ll need to enter base coordinates in NAD83 in Emlid Studio.

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Thank you for your responses Zaz & Kseniia. I was hoping to minimize conversions in my workflow. We currently collect our points in WGS84 and convert to SPCS NAD83 + NAVD88 after processing using VDatum. It looks like we will stick to this process.

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