SouthPAN SBAS Corrections in Australia & NZ

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Have gone through previous posts specifically “Emild & SouthPAN” and just like many others found it disappointing however with the Government pushing SouthPAN applications in industry and technology going forward quickly, I thought maybe an update or perhaps another request / user feedback makes some amazing work possible between Emlid and Geoscience Australia and AUS/NZ Government agents.

Small and medium companies like us, are continuously advised to contact manufacturers of our equipment - including DJI, Emlid, Leica, Trimble, etc. - and encourage them to use open-source and freely available positioning data and corrections under SBAS/SouthPAN L1&L5 frequencies.

Apparently some new smart phones including Google Pixel4/5, Samsung S20/21 and iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max receive both L1 & L5 signals and many tech companies are opting in - EXCLUDING Emlid so far :laughing: I’m hoping Emlid might not need a hardware upgrade but perhaps just an optional software update - free or paid we don’t mind to pay for such services anyway - if the user has one of those smart phones that can receive corrections.

More info if someone is keen enough to look into this:

Ref: SouthPAN early open services fact sheet:

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Reach receivers now work with SBAS corrections. In this case, the horizontal accuracy is 1m CEP for our multi-band receivers. But we haven’t tested the units with SouthPAN, so it’s hard to say how this setup would work.

Many thanks for the update and good news Kseniia.

Is this 1m CEP in horizontal accuracy happens when there’s no NTRIP corrections applied? And if yes, can Emlid combine SBAS corrections with NTRIP corrections to speed up the FIX solution status? This can help Reach RS+ and RX models if technically possible.


Wouldn’t make sense in my book. RS+ is a single frequency receiver, and thus it will never fix as fast as a dual frequency receiver. For the RX, it keeps the internal GNSS clock running, and and thus is able to fix extremely fast, in most cases in under 5 seconds or less, from when NTRIP corrections are available.

I undeI understand why SBAS corrections would nice for phones etc, but for surveying equipment, SBAS just doesn’t cut it in terms of precision and accuracy.



I agree with Christian. Just wanted to add that since Reach RS+ is a single-band device, the effect of the SBAS corrections is quite low on it. So it still gets a few meters of accuracy with SBAS corrections if you don’t use RTK.

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Yes I do agree and understand. Thanks for sharing and explaining Christian and Kseniia.

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