Sound (Volume) of RS3 Beeps Stays at 100

I have noticed that the volume of the alert beeps on my RS3 stays at 100, even though I turn it one notch down to 80. It will still show that the volume is at 80, but when it beeps (for RTK FIX, etc), the volume is definitely at 100 still. I am on the latest firmware for the RS3 and iOS app.

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Hi @bstocker,

Thanks for the report! I’ve tried to reproduce this behavior with Reach RS3 and an iOS phone.

In the sound settings, I set the volume to 80. When Reach RS3 got a Fix, the beep sounded kinda lower than 100. That’s why I checked the sound at volumes 20, 40, and 60 as well. Each volume sounded different to me.

Could you please try it with the sound volume at 40 or 60? Let me know if it still sounds the same as if the volume is at 100.

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