Sony Rx0 PPK feedback for Reach


I just found this thread: Integration with Sony RX0

Which it is said it might just work but I would like to understand if there is anyone who has actually been able to do this. Sony Rx0 looks like a great small camera for mapping and would like to understand if there is anyone who has used it for mapping.

From what I see I wouldn’t use it for mapping.

  • FOV too wide. 100deg is less than most action cams, but the amount of the subject that it is going to capture on the peripherals is going to be a problem for processing. I do wonder what the FOV is when cropped to a 4:3 aspect ratio. The P4P is 84deg and is about as good as it gets.
  • Only 15MP.
  • Rolling shutter. This cam is meant for video and rolling shutters cause problems in photogrammetry.

Thank you for your feedback. However we have tried this and has been fitting our applications. Would be great to understand the pin out.

Hi Pravin,

I hardly can recommend something specific on the camera connection scheme, however, Reach M+ pinout may be of help here.

You’ll need to connect:

  • Reach M+ GND pin (1) from C1 port to camera’s GND
  • Reach M+ Time mark1 pin (2) from C1 port to camera’s pin that provides shutter signal

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