Integration with Sony RX0

The Sony RX0 seems to be a great camera for mapping, so I’d like to use it with Reach. The problem is that it doesn’t have hot shoe, but there is a cable accessory:

The Sony VMC-MM2 Release Cable for RX0 Camera is a dual-camera sync cable, designed to trigger an RX0 camera simultaneously with a Sony Alpha series camera. Use this cable to trigger either the video, or still shutter on the RX0, capturing the same precise moment of your event as your main Alpha camera.

I wonder is the “precise moment” they talk about is within the 5ms range or enough to work in RTK/PPK. I haven’t found any information online, If anyone has some experience on this that can share will be really appreciated.

Precise here is meant in a marketing way, so it means something happens just as you press the shutter buttton. I would expect 300-500 ms latency.

Hi Francisco,

From the description, it looks like you can use it for PPK.

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