Some test results of Static Survey with Reach RS

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We have done some tests of static surveying with with two Reach RS units. We did static surveys for about 35 minutes at each site. We did the same survey for two different days. Each day, we had two sections in which in Section 1 we survey on two known national BMs (Koh Pich and Prey Sor sites) and on an unknown site (RUA), and in Section 2 we surveyed on three known BMs (Koh Pich, Prey Sor, and RUA-computed from Section 1) and on an unknown site (PHHouse). The coordinates in red colors were from network adjustments. It seems to us that in general the accuracy of the XY is <=5cm and Z is <=10cm.

It would be great to hear your comments and feedback on this.

Thank you.

processing_results.pdf (146.0 KB)

If you are looking to minimize the difference shown, then my first thought is, “What the the outcome of surveying between Prey Sor and Koh Pich?”

If there is a resulting difference, then it may account for some of the difference in your table.

Maybe a good practice would be to put the base at Prey Sor, and then take the rover to Koh Pich, RUA, PHHouse, and back to Koh Pich.

That way, you start and finish on the same benchmark, which will give more confidence in your result.

I hope these benchmarks are not at the top of large mountains :slight_smile:


Agree with @bide. would be good to reference in each of the reference points from one of the other reference points. What order were the national BM’s? I know in Australia we are at or exceeding the accuracy of the national second order BM’s so unless the points were part of the more sparse geodetic network it really is a case of who is checking who.

What software did you use to run the network adjustment? Any open source options that are easy to use?

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would be also interested in that!

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