[SOLVED] Problems with wifi dongel


Just got my Navio 2 and Rpi 2 up and running on a quad, It flies really smooth i stabilize mode.

I’ve done all the setup trough a ethernet connection. Now I’m trying to install a Rt5370 based usb dongel. It doesn’t show when i use the lsusb command. Is it at driver issue or a faulty dongel?


Hello! There’s a simple test to get the faulty side of the issue out of the way. Just connect this dongle to any other computer. It that works out, we’ll try to figure out why the dongle hadn’t worked in the first place. Ok?

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if the dongle doesn’t show up with an lsusb then you’re probably looking at a duff dongle. try it in another machine?

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Problem solved =) I’t worked on my windows box. Got a new one in the mail today, I’t worked on the Rpi.

Good to hear!

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