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Dear concern,
Mobile data is not showing.
I restart the receiver and not working.
However, at initial stage it worked for 5 minutes.
But not noe

Hi Tapos,

I replied to the email that you sent to our support. Let’s continue the troubleshooting process there since I might ask you to share some sensitive information about the SIM card.

In case someone else faces a similar issue, please make sure to check out our How to provide Reach RS2+ with internet access via a SIM card tip first as it might help you to eliminate the issue faster.

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Thank you for your quick & cooperative response.
My one receiver is working fine and another is working sometimes. I think It is the problem of SIM slot of receiver/Software issues/others. Hence, after a certain time it becomes in working. It could happen sometimes and will solve automatically.

However, I want to share my personal experience.
If your SIM is not working and you need NTRIP/Network connection immediately then you may use mobile hotspot (It will be separate phone)/portable Wifi router (Like TP link) instead of trying to insert SIM in receiver slot rather use your SIM to portable wifi router.

Thanks Emlid & Community

Hi Tapos,

Thanks for sharing this!

We can check the Full system report from the receiver to find out whether this issue is on the receiver’s side. You can send it to me in our correspondence over email.

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