Share corrections over serial S1 port?

Given a setup with 2 Reach M2 on the rover.

Is it possible for a first M2 to receive the RTK corrections from Lora module and share them to the second M2 module through S1 serial port?

As shown is the following picture:

The goal is to get the heading.
But as I have read in the forum that the heading cannot be computed by the Reach itself, the PC will be connected by USB to both modules and compute the heading.

Thank you

Hi @rreignier

It is not possible to pass the base corrections from one rover to another.

However, you can send the corrections from the base to the two Rovers simultaneously and then calculate the heading on PC. You can do that with two LoRa modules or use the Emlid caster if your rovers have an access to the Internet.

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Hi @artem.fomenko
Thank you for your answer.
I will then install two Lora receivers on the two Reach M2.

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