How to change USB IP?


As explained in my previous post, I have a setup with 2 Reach M2 connected to a PC in order to compute the heading of my vehicle.

But the two M2 modules use the same IP address. So I cannot choose to which webpage I access and which TCP connection I am connected to.

I only need to set a different static IP address range on the second module but I did not find how to process.

Thank you

Hi @rreignier,

Could you please elaborate on your setup in more detail?

To send the position of the units via USB, you need to just configure the position output via USB in the Position Output tab as USB-to-PC option. To set up the units, just access them via the ReachView app over your Wi-Fi network or their hotspot. There’s no need to access the units via USB or to assign a static IP to them.


To retrieve the position, I have managed to use the virtual serial port over USB. Fortunately, the ATTRS{serial} attribute is different for each device. Thanks!

But for the maintenance and support, I won’t have a physical access to the system so I cannot use the Wifi interface.
I will only have a remote shell (ssh).
Usually, I can redirect the network communication to my distant computer but here, I have 2 virtual Ethernet connections over USB with the same sub-network. The 2 receivers have the same IP address so the OS is not able to differentiate the requests to between each device.

What I need, is to change the sub-network of one of the receiver. For example

I hope that my setup is clear enough.

Thank you

Hi @rreignier,

Thanks for the specification!

Currently, the only supported way to check the settings of the unit is to access it via the ReachView app over the network. We don’t recommend using the SSH connection as it doesn’t let you configure the unit.

You can’t manually change the IP address of the unit. However, once you configure the units to output their position to your PC, there’s no need to check the settings all the time. They stay the same after each turning off.


Actually, I use the ReachView app in a browser through SSH tunnelling.

So a feature request would be to allow to change the IP address range for the USB Ethernet interface.

And a second feature request would be to allow to assign a custom name for each receiver in order to differentiate them from the ReachView App.

Thank you

Hi @rreignier,

Thanks for the explanation!

We’ll note your request, thank you! However, I’m afraid I can’t promise a fast implementation as we have many things on our roadmap first.

If I understand correctly your request, you can already change the name of the receiver in the ReachView app. Just go to the Settings tab and change the name in the General settings section. The corresponding hotspot SSID will change accordingly.

Ok, thank you. But does this setting only changes the Wifi SSID or does it change a name somewhere on the ReachView App that I can see even if I don’t use the Wifi?

It changes both: the name of the device that you can see in the app and the SSID of the network it creates. In ReachView 3, you will always see the name of the device you’re connected to in the Status bar. I’ll attach a screenshot below.

Once you change the name, the displayed name is also changed.

In ReachView 2 app, the device’s name is visible in the Menu section.

Ok, thank you.
Actually, I use the ReachView App as a webpage in a browser so I don’t have this status page.

As I’ve mentioned, in the browser version this name is visible in the Menu section.

Ok, great. Thank you.

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